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Package net.sf.jgcs.membership

This package provides extentions for membership and flush.


Interface Summary
BlockListener This class defines a BlockListener.
BlockSession This class defines a BlockSession.
Membership This class defines a Membership.
MembershipID This class defines a MembershipID.
MembershipListener This class defines a MembershipListener.
MembershipSession This class defines a MembershipSession.

Class Summary

Package net.sf.jgcs.membership Description

This package provides extentions for membership and flush. Membership notifications are full member views that ensure that all the members that belong to this view in a certain time are alive and can receive messages. The Flush functionality ensures that if a member belongs to a view V, it receives all messages that are sent on view V, unless it does not belong to the next view (it means that the member died). Using the flush functionality, all members receive a block notification. Upon this notification, all members should flush pending messages and notify the end of the flush with a blockOk. After this notification, all alive members will receive a new view.

This interface can be used in partitionable systems or with a system that use the primary-partition approach. In this case, a member that does not belong to a primary partition can not receive any view until it is reintegrated again in the primary partition. If there are intermediate views, the member should be removed from the group and rejoin later.

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