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Packages that use JGCSException
net.sf.jgcs This package defines the basic interface for group membership. 
net.sf.jgcs.adapters jGCS adapters. 
net.sf.jgcs.membership This package provides extentions for membership and flush. 

Uses of JGCSException in net.sf.jgcs

Subclasses of JGCSException in net.sf.jgcs
 class ClosedSessionException
          This class defines a ClosedSessionException.
 class DataSessionException
          This class defines a DataSessionException.
 class NotJoinedException
          This class defines a NotJoinedException.
 class UnsupportedServiceException
          This class defines a UnsupportedServiceException.

Methods in net.sf.jgcs with parameters of type JGCSException
protected  void AbstractDataSession.notifyExceptionListeners(JGCSException exception)
protected  void AbstractControlSession.notifyExceptionListeners(JGCSException exception)
          Notifies the exception listener.
 void ExceptionListener.onException(JGCSException exception)
          Notification of an exception that occurred when the underlying implementation was receiving a message.

Methods in net.sf.jgcs that throw JGCSException
 Protocol ProtocolFactory.createProtocol()
          Creates a new Protocol that represents a toolkit.
 void ControlSession.join()
          Joins the group.
 void ControlSession.leave()
          Leaves the group.
 ControlSession Protocol.openControlSession(GroupConfiguration group)
          Creates a new Control Session.
 DataSession Protocol.openDataSession(GroupConfiguration group)
          Creates e new Data Session.

Uses of JGCSException in net.sf.jgcs.adapters

Methods in net.sf.jgcs.adapters that throw JGCSException
 Message BlockingReceiver.receive()
          Receives a message for the group.
 Message BlockingReceiver.receive(long timeout, java.lang.Object context)
          Receives a message for the group.
 Message BlockingReceiver.receive(java.lang.Object context)
          Receives a message for the group.

Uses of JGCSException in net.sf.jgcs.membership

Methods in net.sf.jgcs.membership that throw JGCSException
 void BlockSession.blockOk()
          This method must be used by the application after it received a block notification and flushed all pending messages.
 void BlockSession.setBlockListener(BlockListener listener)
          Registers a listener for the block notification.
 void AbstractBlockSession.setBlockListener(BlockListener listener)

Uses of JGCSException in net.sf.jgcs.utils

Methods in net.sf.jgcs.utils that throw JGCSException
 byte[] Marshallable.getBytes(MembershipID id)
 byte[] Marshallable.getBytes(java.net.SocketAddress addr)
 byte[] AbstractMarshallableSocketAddress.getBytes(java.net.SocketAddress addr)
 MembershipID Marshallable.getMembershipID(byte[] buffer)
 java.net.SocketAddress Marshallable.getSocketAddress(byte[] buffer)
 java.net.SocketAddress AbstractMarshallableSocketAddress.getSocketAddress(byte[] buffer)

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