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net.sf.jgcs.membership This package provides extentions for membership and flush. 

Uses of NotJoinedException in net.sf.jgcs.membership

Methods in net.sf.jgcs.membership that throw NotJoinedException
 void BlockSession.blockOk()
          This method must be used by the application after it received a block notification and flushed all pending messages.
 int Membership.getLocalRank()
          Gets the local rank of the member in this membership.
 Membership MembershipSession.getMembership()
          Gets the current Membership.
 Membership AbstractMembershipSession.getMembership()
 MembershipID MembershipSession.getMembershipID()
          Gets the current membership ID
 MembershipID AbstractMembershipSession.getMembershipID()
 boolean BlockSession.isBlocked()
          Verifies if the group is blocked or not.

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